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Booker comes on the stage and says Show beat Sheamus at TLC but Sheamus won on Monday so… Show interrupts him and says he is done with Sheamus and he is not worthy. Show says nobody in the locker room is worthy and they are all inferior wannabe’s. Booker says Show will be in action tonight. Booker says all those wannabes’ names will be put in a tumbler and the chosen one will face Show tonight for the title. Teddy Long leads the locker room out on the stage. Show says this is ridiculous and the winner of this lottery will get knocked out.

The tumbler is brought out and Teddy and Eve argue about who is going to spin it. The tumbler falls to the floor and Teddy picks it up for Booker to pick a ball. It’s Santino. Santino plays trumpet on the stage as Show laughs in the ring. Show approaches Santino on the stage and Santino runs and asks Booker if he’s sure it said Santino. Show gets in Santino’s face and intimidates him, then walks away.

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Match Number Five: Eve Torres versus Kaitlyn in a Divas Title Match

Eve slams Kaitlyn’s head into the mat and she tosses Kaitlyn by the hair. Eve with a knee and bicycle kick. Eve takes Kaitlyn to the mat again and she gets a near fall. Eve gets a near fall. Eve sends Kaitlyn to the floor and she follows after Kaitlyn. Eve sends Kaitlyn into the apron. Eve gets a near fall.

Eve with an arm bar and chin lock. Kaitlyn with forearms but Eve with a flatline for a near fall. Eve with an arm bar and chin lock. Kaitlyn with an arm drag and rollup for a near fall. Kaitlyn with an inside cradle for a near fall.

Eve with an Irish whip but she runs into a boot. Kaitlyn with a sunset flip from the turnbuckles but she can only get a near fall. Kaitlyn with a slam and shoulder tackle for a near fall. Kaitlyn with an inverted DDT and she gets a near fall. Kaitlyn get Eve on her shoulders but Eve grabs the ropes. Kaitlyn with a jaw breaker and Eve falls to the floor. Kaitlyn with a dive onto Eve from the apron. Kaitlyn sends Eve into the announce table and then they return to the ring.

Kaitlyn goes up top but Eve grabs the referee’s leg. Kaityn grabs Eve by the leg and Kaitlyn forces the referee to fall. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Kaitlyn (by disqualification)

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Diva’s Champion Eve, Aksana and Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn, Natalya and Layla

Nat and Aksana lock up, as Aksana backs Nat into the ropes. Nat is kneed in the gut, as Nat rolls up Aksana. Layla is tagged in as she slaps Aksana’s butt. Nat and Layla both do a Double Clothesline, followed by Layla hitting her butt into Aksana’s face. Pi, but a kick out. Alicia is tagged, as she does a Northern Lights Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Eve is tagged, as she does a Senton. Eve chokes Layla on the ropes with her knee. Pin, but a kick out. Eve does a Snapmare, followed by a kick. Pin, but a kick out. Fox is tagged, as she kicks Layla in the gut. Fox hits an elbow, but Layla crawls to her corner. Fox drags her away, but Layla tags Kaitlyn. Fox is hit with a Spinning Back Elbow. Kaitlin does a Flap Jack to Fox. Alicia is whipped, as Kaitlyn does a Shoulder Block. Aksana breaks a pin, as Kaitlyn Dropkicks Fox into Eve, on the corner. Kaitlyn does a Reverse DDT for the win.

Winners: Kaitlyn, Natalya and Layla via pinfall

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Eve, Aksana, Kaitlyn and Layla are all in Booker T’s office with him. Eve and Akasana are together on one side and Kaitlyn and Layla are on the other. Booker says he needs the truth, did Eve send her that email? Aksana says no, Eve smiles and says thank you. Before Eve get’s off the hook Aksana says but it was a text message. Layla and Kaitlyn act like small kids by yelling stuff like how they knew it and have proof. Booker T has had enough and tells the diva’s he wants to handle this. Teddy Long walks into the office and tells Booker everything is simple, Eve sent Aksana a text telling her to take out Kaitlyn forcing Booker to put Eve in the title match instead. Teddy tells Eve the jig is up, she is exposed as a bold face liar. The little kids (Layla and Kaitlyn) are clapping their hands until Booker gives them a look. Booker tells Eve if this is true he’ll have to fire her from being his assistant. Eve says she has a confession, she’s to trusting, she leaves her IPhone and IPAD out all the time and it has no post code on it. She says if anyone ever wanted to use it they can, she thinks she knows who set her up as she looks at Teddy. Eve, Kaitlyn and Layla start yelling at each other again, Booker breaks it up, he says he sick of all this drama. Booker says she doesn’t know who to believe, the only thing he does know is Kaitlyn and Layla have been talking about a re-match. At Hell in a Cell there will be a triple threat for the diva’s title; Eve vs Kaitlyn, vs Layla. The two are happy but Eve looks worried. Booker says he see’s everyone here is dress to compete. He makes a tag match; Eve and Aksana vs Layla and Kaitlyn. He dismisses everyone from his office.

Match Number Four: Kaitlyn and Layla El versus Aksana and Eve Torres

Aksana starts things off against Layla. Layla wants Eve but Aksana refuses. They lock up and Aksana with a push and kick. Layla with a rollup and bridge for a near fall. Layla with a jackknife cover for another near fall. Lala with a double jump cross body and Kaitlyn with a body block.

Kaitlyn gets a near fall. Kaitlyn with a back breaker and then Kaitlyn tries to bring Eve into the ring but Aksana with a clothesline and then she slams Kaitlyn’s head into the mat. Kaitlyn with a kick to the ribs and Eve is tagged in.

Eve with a snap mare and she gets a near fall. Eve chokes Kaitlyn in the ropes. Eve with a knee and she sends Kaitlyn to the mat. Eve tries for the flip leg drop but Kaitlyn gets her knees up. Eve keeps Kaitlyn from making the tag to Layla. Kaitlyn with an inside cradle for a near fall. Kaitlyn with a back elbow and clothesline followed by a running shoulder tackle.

Aksana is pulled into the ring and Kaitlyn with clotheslines to Aksana and Eve. Layla with a back heel kick to Aksana. Layla accidentally kicks Kaitlyn and Eve sends Layla to the floor and Eve gets three count.

Winners: Eve Torres and Aksana

After the match, Kaitlyn does not want any help from Layla.

We go to commercial.

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Sheamus is walking in the back and he sees Teddy Long on the phone. Sheamus says that he is not doing that great. He says that he is not one to complain but for the last two weeks he has had some epic scraps in the ring with Wade Barrett until Big Show stuck his arse into the match. He wants one more match with Wade Barrett.

Teddy says that he will talk to Booker and he thinks it will happen. Teddy suggests that it be a lumberjack match tonight. Sheamus tells Teddy that he feels him . . . playa. Sheamus walks away and so does Teddy. We see someone emerge from the shadows and it is Eve.

We go to Booker’s office and he is telling Eve that she is doing a wonderful job. Teddy Long enters and he apologizes for the interruption. Teddy tells Booker about an idea he has for the main event. Teddy brings up the Barrett/Sheamus Lumberjack Match. Eve says that she has had that idea since last week. Eve says that Teddy is trying to take credit for her idea.

Booker says that he has a meeting so he will holler at them later. Eve leaves with Booker and Teddy smells something fishy. He sees that Eve has left her iPad in the office and he tries to look at what is on it.

We come back and see Eve has joined josh Matthews JBL at the commentary table for the diva’s match. JBL says it’s nice to have the diva’s championing joining him, he wishes Josh would go away forever and Eve stay. Natayla is already in the ring, Layla’s music hits and she comes down to the ring. Josh says there’s been a lot of finger pointing in the women’s locker room. It’s really dvived but more so now than ever. JBL ask how does he know? Has he been in the women’s locker room? JBL goes on to say Josh should be asking about the conspiracy theory that Layla has. Eve answers it with there has been a lot of accusations being thrown around, like Aksana for instance. Eve goes on to say out of all people we know nothing about her, she could have planted this wig in her bag. Eve says this whole thing is she says she says ordeal. Josh goes over what has been going on the past few weeks with Layla, Kaitlyn and Eve. He adds that their pointing to her as thee attackers. JBL wants to know if this has been proven that Eve is thee attacker. Eve says there has been a lot of finger pointing, she understands Kaitlyn wants to find her attacker. Layla comes over to Eve, Eve stands up before Natayla knocks Layla to the ground. JBL says this is how Layla makes a mistake. Eve agrees and says she is to distracted. Eve says although she is hurt from these accusations she is still empathetic, she understands why Layla is desperate. She goes on to say Layla has lost everything, she’s looking for something to hold on to. Eve says Layla can’t even get a date. JBL says bless her heart. Eve says how even Natayla can but Layla just can’t.

Josh tunes in and says Eve is also the assistant to Booker T, she has had a couple of run ins with Teddy Long, just early we heard Teddy has an idea for the lumber jack match and soon after Eve was telling Booker T it was her idea. Eve says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, that idea was hers. Eve says how she has proven herself many times, as diva’s champion and thee assistant to Booker T. JBL ask Eve if she trust Teddy Long, Eve says she has to say it again it’s just jealously from Teddy. Layla gets the three count on Nattie than stares at Eve with an evil jealous look. Eve just gives her a big smile before rising to her feet. Eve picks up her champion belt as the two have a stare down.

We go to the back and Teddy Long shows Kaitlyn some evidence of what Eve has done. Teddy shows Kaitlyn what is on Eve’s iPad and Teddy tells Kaitlyn that she can do whatever she wants with it. Kaitlyn takes some photos and then she tells Teddy that she will confront Eve. Kaitlyn tells Teddy to put the iPad back so Eve doesn’t notice anything happening.

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We go to Booker T’s office and he is joined by Teddy Long, Layla El, and Kaitlyn. Eve and Kaitlyn says that they have proof of the person who attacked Kailtyn. They found the blonde wig. Teddy Long says that Aksana told them that she found a blonde wig in Eve’s bag.

Eve conveniently enters the office and she says that now it is okay to go through people’s personal property. Eve says that she found a blonde wig in Teddy’s bag. She wonders if it was Teddy in the wig.

People scream and Booker wants to talk to Kaitlyn and Layla.

Teddy says that he does not know what Eve is trying to do or prove but he had nothing to do with it. Eve tells Teddy that she did not do it either.

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After a tag team match we go backstage to Booker t’s office were Eve and Teddy are talking. Teddy tells Eve he never told her last week to suspend Beth. Eve says yes he did, he must have forgotten, it’s common for men his age to be forgetful. Teddy says he’s on to her and he’s not the only one now that he heard Layla earlier on after the diva’s match. Eve says Layla is just bitter she lost the title. Teddy says he can see straight through Eve, he can’t prove it but he knows Eve had something to do with the attack on Kaitlyn. Teddy says Booker T is not an experience General Manager, if he was in charge Eve would be straight out the door. Booker T comes in and says he’s not in charge he is. Teddy tries to explain himself by saying don’t get it twisted. Bookter tells him to cut it before asking Eve if she’d give them a moment. Eve says of course and exits the room. Booker ask Teddy if she’s jealous of Eve, of course Teddy says no. Booker says he can’t have those two bickering all the time, Teddy says he understands.

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After Beth beats Natayla we hear the diva’s champion Eve Torres music hit. She comes to the top of the ramp but she’s not here to fight, she’s hear as the assistant to Booker T. Eve says to Beth she just wanted to apologies for acting in the heat of the moment on Raw. In cause you forgot, Kaitlyn came out and said she found footage of where she got attacked at Night of Champions. Kailtyn told them that the person who attacked her had blond hair. Eve assumed it was Beth and attacked her with the neck breaker. Back to Smackdown. Eve says until we know exactly who the attacker was, we have to act rationale. Eve says all we know now is thee attacker is a blonde, therefore until they concluded their investigation Beth Phoenix is suspended.

We are now back in Booker T’s office, he’s not happy Eve went behind his back and suspended Beth. He reverses the decision which does not make Eve happy at all. She says their must be some miscommunication, she apologizes to Booker T and Beth. Beth says she should be sorry and walks away. Eve says to Booker, she was just acting on what she thought he wanted. Booker says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Eve says you didn’t tell me but your senior advisor did as she points to Teddy Long. She goes on to say she was just following orders. Teddy says he hasn’t told her anything. Eve says she should have followed her instincts on this, it’s clear Teddy is jealous of Booker, he’ll do anything to get his job back. Teddy said she’s got to be kidding him and Eve walks out of the office. Booker T and Teddy are left in the office, Booker needs a minute, he doesn’t know what to believe.

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She looks good to me….” Plays through out the arena. You’re 3x diva’s champion makes her way down the ramp, holding onto the title that belongs to her. She’s dress in a skirt and a black top so we know the diva’s champion has a night off in the ring. After heading over to do cometary we learn that Layla will take on Natayla after the break. We come back and the two diva’s are already in the ring, Eve is sitting next to Cole. Josh Matthews says we heard from Layla why she is no longer the diva’s champion; because she feels like their is fail play to why Eve won. Jealous much girl? Eve responds by saying she understands Layla is upset but to make things up like that is completely un-called for. Cole refreshes everybody by telling what happen Sunday with Kaitlyn. Eve says her heart goes out to Kaitlyn, she hopes she comes back soon so she can have the title match…Eve is cut off by Layla staring her down. Layla is to busy with Eve she doesn’t realize Natayla is coming up to her, down goes Layla. Eve says this is why Layla is not the champion, she doesn’t stay focus, instead of focusing on herself she tries to blame other people like Eve. Cole says Kaitlyn will be back soon with a protective boot on. Cole goes to say Booter T put her in that match. Eve says she didn’t ask to be there, she was just doing what her company needed her to do in that situation. Josh says she was right near the scene and ask her again if she had anything to do with it, to set the record straight since she was the only one who benefited from this. Eve once again says she had nothing to do with it, her heart goes out to Kaitlyn, these are some serious accusations, this could cost her her career. Layla get’s the three count on Natayla and her eyes go right over to Eve. Josh says at same point Layla will have her re-match, Eve says she welcomes it, she wants nothing but best for the diva’s division. They thank her for being out here tonight.

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Eve is backstage watching the TV of what seems to be the line up for Night of Champions. She turns to Booker T and tells him she knows he’s been taking a lot of criticism lately but he made a very difficult and excellent desion for banding the brogue kick and he has her 100 percent support on it, if he needs it she’s there for him. Booker T says he just wants to say he appreciates everything and she’s been doing a hell o f a job. Teddy Long chimes in saying from one GM to another that was a tough decision and he made the right call. Booker T replies with he’s been doing a good job as well, he says give me some dog as he puts out his fist but Teddy puts his hand out. Booker T goes to put his hand out and Teddy now does the fist. Eve and Booker laugh at Teddy before Eve tells Booker they have to look over some things before Sunday and they leave.


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