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May, 7 Publicado por Amanda

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John Laurinaitis is walking backstage after the first segment of the night with Punk. Big show is on his way to the ring, when he accidently bumps into him, John goes off on him, telling him to watch out. After John walks away, Big Show makes fun of Jonh’s voice until he turns around and see’s Eve. They both give each other a stare down, Eve’s not looking happy and Big Show looks disappointed.

During the Cody and Big Show match, Cody walks away and gets DQ. Show grabs the mic to get Cody back out but Eve comes out. She walks down to the ring, and tells Show to apologize for making fun of John. Show said he was just playing around. She demanded he apologize to everyone. Show shrugged and said, “OK, I’m sorry.” She told him that he was told to apologize, not say he was sorry. She said that there was no call for a big, 400 lb. freak outside of the WWE and instructed him to apologize again. Show looked at her and apologized, but wasn’t happy about it. He walked out as Eve looked back at him, smirking in a condenscending way.

Later on in the night, Eve and John are backstage. John tells Eve he does not feel Big Show was real with his apology, Eve agree’s and goes to find Big Show. Before the main event, Big Show is backstage with the The Common Law cast guys. They are asking why he said sorry to Eve, he is bigger and shouldn’t have said sorry. The Common Law guys start making fun of John’s voice, causing Big Show to laugh. After a moment of this, the guys stop, Show turns around and see’s a very pissed off Eve.


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